Our Sacred Heart Priests and Deacons

Rev. Jerry Kaywell - Pastor
Presbyteral Council Member
Ordained: October 25, 1991 in Venice, FL

Father Jerry was an award winning professional musician, composer and producer of television and film before his ordination to the priesthood.  He has two great passions in life: God and music – in that order.  Father Jerry is experiencing a wholeness of being in his priesthood beyond what he ever hoped for.  Striving to love God above all continues to be his daily enterprise – and neighbor as well as self – is his gospel rule of life.

Father Mario Kono

Rev. Mario Kono- Parochial Vicar
Ordained: 1991

Father Kono is originally from Poland, where he began studying for the priesthood. He continued his studies in Orchard Lake, Michigan and was ordained in 1991.

Father Mario Kono

Rev. Deacon George Riegger- Deacon
Ordained: May 22, 1993

Deacon Riegger was the Director of Diaconate formation from 1997-2002 for the Diocese of Rickville Centre. He is a certified Spiritual Director.

Deacon Lundy

Rev, Deacon Edward D. Lundy, Ph.D. - Deacon, Retired
Senior Status
Permanent Diaconate Board - Ad Hoc Member
Ordained: May 17, 1980 in Trenton, NJ

Deacon Lundy's service to God and his people is extensive. He served his country in the 4th Infantry Division during WW II. Deacon Lundy also served as president, vice President, board member, chaplain or chairman in numerous organizations such as SHARE, the Epilepsy Foundation, the United Way and many more. After his ordination, Deacon Lundy ministered in several New Jersey parishes. The Lundy's relocated to Punta Gorda where Deacon Lundy served the Diocese of Venice as Vicar for the Deacons and Director of the Office of Prison Ministry.